Fluting Paper

  • Produced from recycled pulp Maximum grammage tolerance of 5±
  • Three-layer paper with high strength
  • Low water absorption
  • Variety in grammage and width
  • High tensile strength
  • Possibility of immediate order delivery
  • Guaranteed most competitive market price

Introduction to Papirus Kaveh Fluting Paper

Kaveh Papirus Fluting Paper, known in the carton manufacturing industry as “Corrugated Board,” is recognized as one of the essential components due to its high strength, which it imparts to the boxes. Papirus Fluting Paper is produced in five different types and sizes using second-hand fibers and high-quality recycled materials, offering a cost-effective solution. The thickness of this paper determines its foldability, strength, and resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of box applications.

Papirus Fluting Paper is used for manufacturing various types of transportation boxes, beverage containers, food packaging, and more. Its utilization as a protective layer helps prevent impact on the box’s contents during transportation, provides thermal insulation for temperature-sensitive food items, and enhances the resilience of packaging boxes against impact. These advantages make Papirus Fluting Paper an ideal choice for various packaging needs.

Advantages of papyrus Fluting paper

  • Protection of Goods: Fluting paper strengthens and protects goods against potential damages.
  • Cost-effective: The affordability of bulk fluting paper is another reason that makes it a suitable option for purchasing. However, the cost-effectiveness of Kaveh Papirus’ fluting board is wider than its price alone. The strength of this type of packaging reduces the need for additional protectors to a significant extent. Therefore, this paper is a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective solution.
  • Environmental Compatibility: The fluting board is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Lightweight: The grammage (weight) of fluting paper is one factor determining its strength against impacts. However, fluted paper is lightweight, allowing cartons to have a low weight while still being resistant, making them easy to handle during transportation.
  • High Quality: Like other types of paper, various types of Kaveh Papirus fluting paper are tested and examined for their resistance against tearing, crushing, cracking, water absorption, and moisture resistance. After quality approval, they are introduced to the market.

Application of Papirus Kaveh Fluting Paper

The fluted paper enhances the packaging strength to a considerable extent. Therefore, it is used to create various cartons and boxes to prevent the contents from being affected by external pressure. Typically, carton sheets are produced by combining fluted paper with other papers such as test liner or liners. These sturdy cartons and boxes are used to package large and small items. The flutes in the fluted paper help protect the contents of a box during transportation, ensuring they reach their destination intact. Now let’s explore some common applications of these cartons.

  • Hot food transport: Fluted paper waves help maintain heat during transportation. Hence, this type of paper is used to produce pizza boxes and any packaging for hot food to ensure safe delivery.
  • Beverage packaging: Fluted paper can create various cup holders, cup carriers, or cup holders, ensuring the safe packaging and delivery of beverages to end consumers.
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment packaging: Protecting the contents inside cardboard boxes for medicines and laboratory equipment from damage is crucial. Fluted paper is employed in producing these boxes to prevent any harm caused by impacts.
  • Non-cardboard product packaging: Fluted paper is not only limited to producing boxes and cartons but can also be used alone to create other packaging and holders. The high-weight fluted paper protects against moisture and vapor.
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging: Certain types of flutes made from wood fibers have higher resistance against moisture and vapor penetration. Therefore, they are used in producing fruit or vegetable cartons and packaging.
  • Export cartons: Strength, resistance against impacts, deformation, and moisture are crucial for export cartons. Due to the high quality of this product, Papirus Kaveh Company offers the possibility to use it for manufacturing cartons intended for product export.
  • Securing the contents inside the carton: Filling the space inside a carton helps secure the contents and prevents pressure during transportation.

Types of Papirus Kaveh Fluting Paper

In general, Kaveh Papirus factory produces this paper in three main types:

  1. Standard or Normal (with CMT between 270 and 300)
  2. Cold Storage (with low water absorption)
  3. Grade 1 (with CMT between 320 and 360)
  4. After purchasing any of these types of paper, you can use them to produce various types of fluting sheets (A, B, C, E, and F).

Price and Purchase of Papirus Kaveh Fluting Paper 

According to your request, Papirus Kaveh fluting paper is produced in roll form, in various dimensions and widths. It is available for purchase with a base weight of 127 to 350 grams per square meter and a thickness ranging from 0.8 to 5 millimeters.

The type of fluting paper, order quantity, and payment method are factors that affect the base price of Papirus Kaveh fluting paper. If you intend to purchase Papirus Kaveh fluting paper, you can receive consultation and price evaluation for this product by filling out the order form. After reviewing the order form by the company’s experts, a final invoice will be issued according to your request.

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