Liner Board

  • Made with the best-recycled pulp
  • The maximum tolerance of grammage is ±5
  • Three-layer paper with high resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Variety in grammage and width
  • High tensile strength
  • the possibility of using it in packaging, carton making, etc.
  • The possibility of immediate delivery of the order
  • Guarantee the best market price

Introducing the liner paper of Papyrus Kaveh company

Liner paper, or Iranian paper of Papyrus Kaveh company, is one of the well-known and best-selling paper series in the packaging industry. It uses recycled materials (Akhal) and second-hand fibers to produce its pulp, and no additives are added to its structure. Liner paper is a cheap product; for this reason, it is used in many industries, such as carton and box making. The natural color of this product is brown and straw-colored and has the property of dyeability.

Application of liner paper of Papyrus Kaveh company

Kaveh Papyrus liner paper can be used in the following industries according to its grammage and width:

1- Carton and box making

One of the primary uses of the liner is in the carton and box industry, which is used as a lining along with flute paper. Types of two, three, five and seven-layer cardboard sheets that are used to produce cartons for shoes, household appliances, fruit, medicine boxes, pizza, sweets, etc. have one or more layers of Liner paper in their structure. Since the paper liner is affordable, it reduces the final cost of making cartons and boxes.

2- Cardboard tube and coreboard paper

The types of cardboard tubes and bobbins used in many industries, such as textile, packaging, adhesive, sanitary and pharmaceutical industries, etc., are made of several layers of paper or cardboard glued together using glue. The papers used in the structure of these Tubes can be referred to as liner paper.

3- Food and drug industry

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, this paper can be used to make all kinds of packages, retainers, protective layers, separators, etc. Since liner paper is produced entirely from recycled materials, it is better not to have direct contact with food and be used as an outer layer or middle layer of cardboard sheets.

4- Transportation and packaging

Using liner paper in the packaging and transportation industry will increase safety and reduce the rate of product damage during handling. Among the uses of Liner papyrus Kaveh paper in these industries are:

  • Cardboard bumper
  • accordion sheet
  • Shockproof box
  • Cardboard corner
  • Cardboard pallet

The Special Features Of Papyrus Kaveh Liner Paper

  • Appropriate tensile strength: The raw materials of this paper and its production process are such that the final product has good tensile strength against pressure and does not suffer from tearing or damage.
  • Affordable cost: Mass production of liners using superior technologies has allowed us to market products at a reasonable final price.
  • Various products: Kaveh Papyrus liner paper can be ordered according to the customer’s needs in different grammage and widths, with unique features such as low water absorption, etc.
  • Wide application: As already mentioned, paperboard and Liner paper of Papyrus Kaveh Company are used in various industries due to their strength.
  • Green and sustainable design: high quality recycled materials are used in this product, so it does not cause any harm to nature and the environment.
  • Standard mark: All Kaveh Papyrus products have Liner, and ISO standards and are tested and checked before delivery to ensure their quality and resistance.

Types of Liner paper of Papyrus company

Papyrus Kaveh’s liner paper types can be presented in three layers, in wide widths and grammage and roll form. Papyrus liner paper is produced in width of 240 cm, but it is possible to order widths of 100, 110, 120, 130 and 140 cm according to the customer’s request. You can choose and buy the right product according to the type of industry and application.

In the following, the types of this product are classified according to grammage, which is one of the most critical factors determining the quality of the paper.

Grammage 125

Liner paper, with a grammage of 125, weighs 125 grams per square meter. This model’s thickness is less than other products, and due to its lower price, it is a suitable choice for everyday work, such as making small and light home appliance cartons and food and medicine boxes.

Grammage 135

A liner with grammage 135 is suitable for industries that require more strength. The higher the grammage value, the greater the thickness and, consequently, the impact resistance of the paper. This weight will be suitable for making solid boxes for transporting heavy items.

Heavy grammage

Liner paper with grammage 180 is one of the other products of Papyrus Kaveh company, which is thicker and more expensive than the other two models and is an excellent choice for making cardboard boxes for valuable and sensitive goods. It is also possible to produce all kinds of paper and cardboard with grammage between 180 and 300 on a customized basis.

How to place an order, buy and inquire about the price

To inquire about the price of Liner paper and other products of Papyrus Kaveh company, complete the order registration form or contact our sales experts. Considering that the amount of the order, the type of paper, and the settlement method affect the product’s price, the invoice will be issued according to your request.

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