Our mission is to be the desired supplier of excellent paper and packaging products to our marketplace. We are able to understand our clients' needs to deliver a numerous and innovative product portfolio. We will lead influenced employees to optimize the use of statistics, raw materials, generation and belongings. We will do that in an moral way that each both add maximum value to our business partners’ success and definitely have positive effect on our personnel, shareholders, business enterprise and the community.


Papyrus aims to become a leading integrated paper and packaging player in Iran and the Middle East delivering outstanding quality at optimal costs.

About Papyrus

The corporation produces a numerous range of CONTAINERBOARD grades (Fluting, Test Liner, Kraft Liner, Dual Use & White Top Test Liner) along with other grades of INDUSTRIAL PAPER (Core board, Plasterboard Liner, & Absorbent Kraft) on its paper machine. strategic location of Papyrus and reachability to Tehran offers the business enterprise with the potential to deliver its merchandise to a wide array of markets within a completely quick lead time. The business enterprise is present particularly within Iran but in near future we hope to increase it to the alternative nations.

Why Papyrus?

High Quality Products
Constant Development
Customer Service
Envirornment Friendly