Coreboard Paper

  • Made with the best-recycled pulp
  • The maximum tolerance of grammage is ±5
  • Three-layer paper with high resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Variety in grammage and width
  • High tensile strength
  • The possibility of immediate delivery of the order
  • Guarantee the best market price

Introduction Of Coreboard Paper Of Papyrus Kaveh Company

Coreboard paper is a resistant paper that is widely used in various industries. Papyrus Kaveh coreboard papers are custom-made, produced with precise specifications, and highly resistant to deformation. These papers can be used to make all kinds of coreboard papers, spindles and cans. Paper tubes and coreboard papres are economical, so they are used as a holder and the central core of paper napkins, adhesive tapes, plastic films, paper rolls, cloth and many other things. The raw material of coreboard paper of Papyrus Kaveh Company is the best type of paper pulp and is entirely renewable and a green product. In this paper’s production process, unique materials such as starch, AKD (to reduce paper water absorption), etc., are added to its pulp to increase the strength and fortify the bonding of fibres.

Uses of Paper Pipe Of Papyrus Kaveh Company

The main advantage of the paper tube is its compatibility with the environment and its recyclability. Also, the simplicity and cheapness of its production process reduce the final cost of producing products that use cardboard tube paper in their structure. On the other hand, this method allows the holding and transporting of goods efficiently. This product can be produced in different thicknesses, diameters and dimensions according to the customer’s request and according to the industry and its application.

  • Textile industry
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic roll and cellophane
  • Packaging and storage

Features Of Coreboard paper Of Papyrus Kaveh company

One of the common mistakes in making cardboard tubes is using high grammage paper like 200 instead of several layers of lower grammage paper. Although this work increases the thickness of the pipe, the resistance of the pipe is reduced due to the reduction in the number of paper layers and the amount of glue used. Ultimately, the final product will not have the desired quality.

Papyrus Company offers our dear customers paper with 125, 135 grammage, etc., which increases the product’s strength for producing suitable paper for coreboard papers. This paper can be provided in widths of 22, 30, 50 and 120 according to the customer’s request. Based on the type of industry, the layers used in making this paper are a combination of test liner, liner, or flute and show different characteristics.

  • The mass production of paper using the best technologies of the day by Papyrus Kaveh Company has made this paper to be marketed at a reasonable final cost.
  • According to the type of industry, this product can be ordered in various widths, combinations of layers and grammage.
  • High-quality recycled materials are used to produce papyrus papers, and as a result, no damage is caused to the environment. All Papyrus Kaveh products are environmentally friendly.
  • This paper and other papers produced by this group have standards and are tested and checked before delivery to ensure their quality and resistance.

How to Place an Order, Buy and Inquire About The Price

Paper pipes and similar products are all made from two or more layers of paper or cardboard. The inner layer of the pipe is the lining, and the outer layer is the cover, which can be produced from a combination of different materials such as foil, plastic film, etc.

Use the following papers to produce a cardboard tube:

  • Liner paper with a grammage of 125
  • Flute paper with a grammage of 127
  • Liner paper with a grammage of 185
  • Liner test paper with a grammage of 340

To inquire about the price of core board paper and other products of Papyrus Kaveh Company, complete the order registration form or contact our sales experts. Because the amount of the order, the type of paper, and the settlement method affect the product’s price, the invoice will be issued according to your request.

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